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Australia's only iron maiden

Offering physical training for carbon based lifeforms

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Training for Everybody


Kettlebells changed my life,

That might sound dramatic but believe me it’s one hundred percent true. Kettlebell training, specifically the hardstyle method transformed the way I thought about physical training and gyms in general. 


Many moons ago I was a runner. I ran often and hard and convinced myself that I enjoyed it, until my knees forced me to be honest with myself. From my past experience I already knew that I hated the idea of commercial gyms, for a myriad of reasons it just wasn’t for me. I knew I needed a challenge, something engaging, something different. 

Enter the kettlebell …

It’s a cannonball with a handle, what is so special about that, I hear you say. They might looks crude and intimidating at first sight, but they present a unique challenge. The fundamental hardstyle lifts, when performed correctly will give you an extremely good idea of how well your body works.

There is no ‘leg day’ or ‘chest day’ with hardstyle training. Every session focuses on making the body link up and work together as one effective unit. You are only ever as strong as your weakest link. Hardstyle training aims to banish weak links altogether. 

Our training is not as simple as picking up something heavy repetitively to the point of exhaustion. It's about developing skills and recognising how to recruit the correct muscles to perform the task. As both a coach and student it was this training philosophy that got me hooked. I am always learning, always looking to improve technique, unlocking extra strength, improving my range of motion and ultimately improving my functional longevity.  

And here’s the thing, the icing on the cake! Once you learn correct movement patterns in the gym, you will start to move differently outside of the gym. Your body will remember how to function the way it was designed to. For many, myself included, that can spell improved quality of life, having more enjoyment from our bodies as we focus on what we can do, becoming faster, stronger and more moblie. 

So there you have it, kettlebells and movement training are a huge part of my life, an essential part of me, I would love the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

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‘Since doing Frances’ 12 week Bodysync Project, my back has not felt this good in 5 years.’

Narelle G

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Balance in Training


As we age, we lose touch with the movement patterns we are programmed with as infants.

Stress and extended sedentary lifestyles reduce our strength, stability and range of movement. In turn this can cause pain, immobility and fear of moving at all.

This is a cycle in which we can find ourselves trapped. It may seem easier to say ‘Oh well, I’m older now, this is just what happens to our bodies as we age.’ It doesn’t have to be that way.

Original Strength aims to undo feelings of hopelessness by helping people of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness to restore our original movement patterns so our bodies can move the way they were designed. Reclaim and restore the body you were meant to have, which in turn helps you reclaim the life you were meant to have. A life of strength, movement, joy and freedom.

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My Services


Private & Semi Private Sessions


1 on 1 personal training for individuals or semi-private sessions for up to three people are the perfect choice for couples and besties. Your 40-minute session will be customised and tailored to your own specific needs. If you are feeling some nerves about starting out, a few private sessions can be perfect way to find your confidence at a pace that suits you.


If you have a goal in mind, perhaps you want to perform perfect pull-ups. Maybe you are just looking to get an explosive advantage in your specific sport. Possibly you are just sick and tired of perpetual injuries or a body that feels stiff and aches. Either way, private sessions are a perfect in-road to our style of training. 




Sometimes coming to the gym can be difficult. Where possible we also offer home training. The beauty of this training is you can move your body anywhere and kettlebells are portable! You don’t need an entire gym to get a good training session in. Online coaching is another option for those who live remotely. Currently training students as far as Norway — it can be done anywhere anytime.


Small Group Training Sessions


While private sessions offer the hawked-eyed attention of your coach, our group sessions offer camaraderie. A friendly motivational environment is inspiring. In our group sessions you will learn the foundational skills of functional movement including flexibility and mobility, bodyweight and hardstyle kettlebell training. The end goal is improved overall movement, strength and conditioning.


You will build new relationships with like-minded people. Being part of a group fosters an atmosphere of support and commitment. There is no better motivation than seeing your class buddies hit their targets.

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Your health is extremely important to us so we have not stopped wearing a mask and ensuring that the indoor air quality is as good as possible. We believe that true accessibility for all means minimising the risk of becoming sick at the gym and take transmission of airborne viruses very seriously. There is a large roller door in our space that is kept open, rain hail and shine. This helps us to keep the air inside as fresh as possible with such a large open space. Air quality is continuously monitored with an Aranet 4. 

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Meet the Trainer


Kettlebells are extremely versatile tools which train you for, strength, endurance, mobility, conditioning (a fancy word for cardio), flexibility, agility, movement, power, precision and flow. There is also an endless variety of ways to use them as part of your training.  With one kettlebell you can achieve any of these goals without multiple gym machines.

A tool of choice for strongmen and women throughout history, sadly today kettlebells are often taught with no technique in mind or just sit in the corner of a gym collecting dust. Strength training is an empowering tool so as a potential client you should make it your priority to seek a qualified trainer, who can teach you skills for life. 

Coach Frances is certified under DV8 Fitness as a kettlebell instructor and is currently the only Australian that can boast ‘Iron Maiden’ status. In addition, Frances is an in Original Strength level 2 instructor. You can feel safe learning under the supervision of one of a handful of legitimately qualified hardstyle instructors in Australia.

Frances’ mission is to help people build and maintain strong and healthy bodies. We understand that there is no particular body type that is healthy and celebrate all bodies for what they can do.

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 We are located within WA's largest Kettlebell Gym- Adaptive Strength in Booragoon.

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